Flip Lights Product Launch

Seattle’s Pillar Product Design and Flip Lights are excited to announce the launch of the Flip Lights Brand. This innovative idea puts a whole new spin on application of personal lubricant. We worked with the Flip Lights team from initial proof of concept thru mass production. We are excited to see their product hitting the market space. We look forward to seeing Flip Lights make a big splash with this innovative product idea and future products as well. You can check out their website at   Flip-Lights.com

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NuSleep Solutions

Pillar is proud to announce a new product in the medical field, the NuSleep sleep apnea device. Sleep apnea is a serious inhibition sleep disorder, and our client was looking to apply his extensive dental expertise and solutions into a viable product. Pillar brought the doctor’s idea into a highly detailed level of CAD, which allowed the product to become reality. The resultant medical device was an appliance that utilized fascinating materials as well as original mechanical solutions to reduce stress of the jaw that is highly superior to plastic retainers. Pillar assisted with the product development and engineering of this new medical device for NuSleep.



Innovative Sugar Works Armatures Product Development

Innovative Sugar Works – Sugar Structures


Pillar worked with longtime client Innovative Sugar Works to bring another must-have product to the high end baking community. These food-safe, reusable, modular armatures allow cake makers around the world to make 3 dimensional, gravity defying cakes! Pillar helped ISW bring their vision to reality – from the product itself, all the way to the packaging. The Armatures is for the weekend hobbyist to professional competitive cake decorator. The modular design of the ISW Armature components allows for 1000’s of different cake designs and ideas to become a reality.


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Pillar worked with Ilich Vahimi to develop the acQuaMD –the first product to safely remove trapped water from your ears. Pillar designed and engineered interchangeable silicone tips (similar to a doctor’s ear scope) to vibrate at both low and high frequencies. Our design is comfortable, effective, and has been clinically tested for ages 2-65+. It was great working with you, Ilich! Good luck!


Medical Design

Bellegrove Medical is leading innovation in the medical design industry with their latest sharps container. Pillar has helped them develop their concept from initial sketching through to manufacturing, ensuring that the container design has been engineered to pass all medical regulations. It’s awesome to see another product on the market. Congrats!


Cake Porter Bag

After mixing, baking, and decorating your perfect cake creation, the last thing you want is a mishap while transporting it to the party. The Cake Porter & Insulated Cover is a convenient, inexpensive way to transport your cake safely and with confidence. Pillar has designed the cake porter with a simple construction that is structurally protective and can easily be flattened for storage. The additional soft-sided insulated cover provides protection from light, heat, and humidity. It was fun working with Innovative Sugarworks to bring yet another concept to market. Congrats Meghan, Kaysie, and Chris!