BTK Sport Knee

PROTEOR featured our client, Brian Bartlett, and his innovative BTK Sport Knee for athletic amputees. Pillar and Bartlett are continuing to work together to make improvements to the prosthetic knee to make it more compact with even better shock absorption.

Newsweek Article Featuring Medical Product BTK Sport Knee Engineered by Pillar Design

Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee

It’s not everyday that you come across someone as extraordinary as Brian Bartlett. Pillar has had the pleasure of helping Bartlett develop a prosthetic knee that has allowed him to continue his active lifestyle after becoming an above the knee amputee. Bartlett has been acknowledged for his persistence and innovation by several news sources. Learn more about Bartlett and his story in this NewsWeek article that features him.

REI's EVRGRN Campfire Rocker Designed in Tandem with Pillar Design in Seattle

REI evrgrn

Pillar is excited to share another client success! We worked hand-and-hand with REI designers to create unique mechanisms that bring a modern aesthetic and interaction to the camping world. With the EVRGRN Campfire Rocker, you can enjoy all the comfort of a rocking chair in a compact, portable design that’s easy to pack with you. Next time you go camping, relax by a campfire, lean forward to tend to the fire, and then recline back to see the Milky Way all from the same chair. Check back for updates as Pillar and REI continue to work together to bring new products to


Congrats to our client, Clingies, for their success on Kickstarter. This versatile clip and docking system has so many uses that it makes you wonder how you ever got by without one. Pillar designed and prototyped this magnetic clip and is continuing to work with inventor, Chuck Harris, to develop new and exciting products. Continue to help support Clingies on Kickstarter by following the link below! GO TO KICKSTARTER!

Music Product Design Collaboration Between Pillar and Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball

Pillar is excited to announce our partnership with Ernie Ball to develop new and innovative products for the music industry.

K2's Outsole Product

K2 Outsole

Pillar attended the Outdoor Retailer show this year and not only did we get a chance to see some great new products coming to market, but we got to see our design work come to fruition through these K2 outsoles. K2 sought out Pillar’s help to explore patterns and textures for this ski boot outsole, and we’re happy to see how amazing the final product looks!

Innovative Sugarworks Collaboration with Pillar Design in Seattle to Design and Develop Culinary Tools

Innovative Sugarworks

Innovative Sugarworks is leading innovation in the culinary arts category with their professional-grade, ergonomic, and responsibly made culinary tools. Pillar has helped them develop a number of products including their “Sugar Shapers” used for creating sugar masterpieces and “Turntable Expander” for a larger working surface on most turntables. After launching their products in November of 2014, they have continued to show great progress and success with their tools in the culinary world. Visit WWW.SUGARWORKS.COM for more details on their products!