Inspiring Individuals. Innovative Companies. Market Leaders.

For over 10 years, the Pillar team has brought our product development knowledge, experience, and expertise to a wide range of product development projects. Our deep understanding of diverse markets has allowed us to create world class products that inspire the most critical of consumers and clients.

Outdoor Industries

Pillar has had the opportunity to work with the most innovative leaders in the outdoor industry. Our team has the combined design and engineering expertise to meet your product’s extreme and demanding requirements.

Consumer Goods

The Pillar team has a broad knowledge and deep understanding of consumer products. We understand the focus, energy and dedication needed to successfully bring a world class product to market and have assisted many clients with this process.


From commercial to consumer, Pillar has developed a number of successful and innovative products in the kitchenware industry. We have worked in conjunction with professional chefs to develop high end, NSF approved products. Understanding what tools work in professional kitchens is our expertise.

Consumer Electronics

Pillar’s mechanical and electrical experience ranges from simple single-sided PCBs to miniaturized circuits, flex circuits to low power BLE, IoT cloud based networks to wireless technology. With an extensive network of both domestic and overseas electronics prototype and production capabilities, Pillar is equipped to support your electronic development needs.

Health & Medical

With experience ranging from custom prosthetics to equipment for in-hospital triage centers, Pillar has worked with a variety of medical personnel to design and engineer life-changing products that prioritize the user.

Camera & Film

Our team’s close attention to detail and ability to blend form with rugged functionality has allowed us to work closely with a number of innovative companies in this space. Pillar’s deep understanding of user-interface, optics, and the photography and film development process makes us a unique collaborator.

Soft Goods

Our team has developed the knowledge and experience to develop optimized technical soft goods. We understand how to cohesively integrate textiles with mechanical components or electronics to create optimized, highly functional products.