Electrical Engineering

We cultivate electronic solutions that enhance the experiences of innovative products. Ranging from audio equipment to medical devices to sporting equipment, Pillar has successfully developed countless market leading consumer electronics that are impacting peoples’ everyday lives.

Our Partners

Pillar utilizes a network of highly skilled electrical engineering teams to assist with electronics design and development. Our partners range in size from large firms to individual contractors, providing our clients with catered experiences that can be tailored to any project. These teams are based locally in Seattle and the Portland area as well as in Reno, Nevada.

PCB and Circuit Design

Our PCB and circuit design capabilities include custom solutions and OEM components. With power design and optimization as well as connectivity at the forefront, our designs are specially crafted for each unique use case and project.


As technology progresses, wearable devices are becoming more feasible and more desired. Combined with our knowledge of ergonomics and building durable goods, Pillar has developed multiple wearable devices ranging from women’s safety to trackable outdoor hunting devices.

IoT Devices

In today’s connected world, IoT devices can provide the most seamless and holistic experiences for users. Pillar’s rich understanding of consumer product design, combined with the talent of our electrical engineering teams, helps us create leading edge solutions for our clients and their customers.

Prototype Components

Pillar’s mechanical and electrical experience ranges from simple single-sided PCBs to miniaturized circuits, flex circuits to low power BLE, IoT cloud based networks to wireless technology. With an extensive network of both domestic and overseas electronics prototype and production capabilities, Pillar is equipped to support your electronic development needs.

Production Components

Production components are an evolution from functional prototypes. We work with our Electrical Engineering partners to design, specify, and manufacture the electronic components in conjunction with their housings and enclosures during the mass production phase.