The Pillar Product Design team is devoted to the success of your product design and development. The Pillar Design team challenges many of the conventional design paths followed in the product creation process. Our talented and highly creative approach allows us to think outside of the box and generate inspiring and innovative products for our clients. Our spirited, fun studio culture allows us to all work in the same space, and brainstorm multiple ideas between teammates with a variety of specific expertise and experiences.

Why has Pillar Product Design been successful? It is because we listen very closely to our clients’ needs and put the necessary resources and energy into every project in order to meet our clients’ specific development goals. If you are looking for a team that has a proven track record of product-to-market success, then you have come to the right studio.

We offer a full suite of product development services combined with the personal guidance and support that is often lost when you go to larger studios. Our talented and experienced team brings world-class product development services to your new and innovative product idea. Success is measured by the quality of our work and the long term business relationships that we share with our client base.

For all inquiries please contact Bob Carrasca at
PHONE 206-294-3691