Supply Chain Development

Our supply chain spans across multiple countries and encompasses vendors who specialize in plastics manufacturing, metal fabrication, cut and sew, assembly and pack out, and distribution, among others capabilities. We source and organize vendors to help develop customized supply chains for our clients who choose to pursue production.

Our Network

We partner with production factories in the United States, mainland China, and Taiwan that range in size and capability, allowing for the perfect fit for each unique product. Our trusted network has the capabilities to carry out mass production efficiently and professionally providing the highest quality results. In addition, all of our suppliers are under Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements to insure the confidentiality of your product until release date.

Supplier Sourcing

Our vast network of suppliers covers most manufacturing capabilities. However, when new suppliers are needed, we source and vet multiple options before moving forward with a specific candidate. We look overseas and domestically to offer the best quality and pricing to our clients.

Overseas Project Management

Based in mainland China and Hong Kong, our overseas project managers provide on-site support for our clients’ products. Acting as your eyes on the factory floor, they can quickly address issues that pop up and insure quality before parts are sent to the states.

Logistics and Transit

We utilize shipping partners to insure products get through customs at every border, keeping your product moving and on schedule. Our partners are certified distributors through Amazon and can streamline fulfillment of orders from factory to warehouse.