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The Pillar Design Studio

Over the last 10 years, the Pillar Design team has assisted our clients in launching multiple world-class, innovative products in a variety of highly competitive industries. Pillar’s top tier clients range from small, newly founded start-ups to well established corporations. Our dynamic team has both the resources and agility to handle both small and large multi-faceted projects. We are an energetic, passionate, and creative group of individuals with a deep knowledge and understanding of user-interface, ergonomics, design, materials and engineering that can meet your demanding product development and engineering needs.


With a high level of service and quality, the Pillar team can quickly and cost-effectively take your innovative ideas from concept to reality. That is why so many companies, both large and small, have entrusted the Pillar Product Design team to bring their most valuable flagship products to the marketplace.


Pillar Product Design is located in Seattle, the hotbed of the most high-tech, innovative start-up companies and corporations in the world. These companies have relied on the Pillar Design team for many years to provide them with both innovative and creative solutions for their product development needs.

Pillar Design’s Core DNA

Our core objective is to build and develop long-lasting and meaningful business relationships with innovative individuals and agile companies who work in fast moving market places. At our core, the Pillar team can allocate the necessary resources and attention to detail to meet your demanding product development needs. We understand that this is a journey that we will be taking together and it takes a dedicated team with a clear vision to succeed in developing a successful product. As a company we have spent incredible resources and effort to solve some of our clients’ most challenging and difficult design and engineering obstacles. Where many studios have failed, we have succeeded. Our mission is to deliver quality services that will exceed our clients’ expectations and goals throughout our partnership.

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