Innovation and IP

Innovation is what Pillar is all about. We strive to develop innovative products and solve problems where other brands are falling short. We have collaborated on countless patents and continue to see unique, ingenious solutions come through our doors.

Our Partners

Pillar works with a network of local patent attorneys that guide clients through the patent process. These partners are specialized in different product areas and can provide tailored advice and guidance regarding each unique product idea and situation.

Patent Drawings

Pillar can generate and provide the specific digital views of your innovative product idea that are used by the patent attorney to file your patent. We work directly with attorneys to insure they have what they need to most efficiently file on your behalf.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Pillar signs over the rights to any intellectual property that is produced during the product design process giving our clients full ownership of any ideas. We sign NDA and Non-Compete agreements with our clients to insure confidentiality with innovative new product ideas.