Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering bridges conceptual ideas with the real world. Taking designs from the industrial design phase and putting them into 3D CAD models progresses projects forward toward a physical, testable sample. During the engineering phase we design and audit solutions for a product’s construction, structural requirements, manufacturing, ease of assembly, and form integration. Our goal is to insure that we are building manufacturable products that will be high quality, fully functional, durable, and beautiful.

3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD Modeling applies definition and dimensions to sketch concepts. We use the latest version of Solidworks to bring concepts into a 3 dimensional format, providing the necessary information to build parts that are accurate and to scale. We also utilize Solidworks Simulation to run FEA analysis, assessing the physical strengths and weaknesses of our designs in safety and high load applications.

Component Integration

We understand that bringing products to market can be expensive so we strive to reduce costs through optimization of component count and streamlined assembly. Where possible, Pillar utilizes OEM components to save on tooling costs and to increase speed to market.

Design for Manufacturability and Assembly

Our goal is to design and engineer products for the real world. That means our designs need to be manufacturable. We audit every design throughout the product development process to insure we meet manufacturing and tooling constraints, budgetary requirements, and avoid expensive mistakes in mass production.

Material and Process Selection

Our team has a vast knowledge of both material science and manufacturing processes. We make every effort to properly align your product’s cost of goods with the materials and manufacturing process to meet your design’s functional requirements.