Our Product Development Process

Pillar offers a complete suite of product design and development services that can take projects from napkin sketches to first articles of production. We cater our process to each individual project to insure efficiency and provide cost-effective development plans for companies, small and large.


Our list of comprehensive services are geared toward moving your project toward prototyping and/or mass production.

Information Gathering

Understanding each project’s unique goals and objectives.

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Innovation and IP

Developing novel ideas and supporting the patent process

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Industrial Design

Defining form and function to meet the user’s needs

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Mechanical Engineering

Converting concepts into real world solutions

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Electrical Engineering

Designing electrical solutions to enhance functionality

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Prototyping and Testing

Evaluating ideas and refining constructions

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Domestic/Oversees Production

Connecting suppliers for mass production

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Supply Chain Development

Producing and assembling products

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Four Phase Approach

Pillar utilizes a four phase approach when developing products. Each phase offers a unique group of services that move your product forward to mass production. Natural stop-gaps between each phase allow flexibility to readdress any complications or opportunities that may arise throughout the product development process.

Phase I

Research, Industrial Design, Innovation and Intellectual Property

The initial phase focuses on accurately capturing and cultivating the genesis of your innovative idea through iterative concept development.

Phase II

Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

In Phase 2, our team uses engineering and 3D CAD software tools to quickly and cost effectively prepare your core design for prototype and/or production development.

Phase III

Prototype Development and Testing

Building prototypes for testing and refinement happens in Phase 3, allowing us to analyze and evaluate designs in real-world applications.

Phase IV

Production and Supply Chain Development

Working with our network of trusted suppliers, we help our clients set up customized supply chains and produce their products in Phase 4.

Ready To Get Started?

To inquire about or start the product development process with Pillar, follow the steps below. We recommend that our clients establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement with any potential partner before sharing any sensitive product information.

Download our NDA Form

If you are a Washington based company, download and fill out our Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you are out of state, contact us for your state-specific version.


Fill Out Our Design Brief

Use our design brief template to convey your innovative product idea and provide us with the information to accurately quote your project.


Get in Touch with our Team

Send us an email or call our offices to schedule a time to meet our team and review your project’s goals and objectives in more detail.

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Receive a Plan and Quote

We will work up a comprehensive plan and quote that will serve as a roadmap for your product’s development.