Domestic and Oversees Production

We bring products to market by facilitating relationships between our manufacturing partners and our clients. With our initial support, our clients can have their products manufactured at the highest quality and eventually take on the management of their individualized supply chain.

General Production Services

Request for Quote/Price

Tooling Development

Schedule Development

Component Manufacturing

First Article of Production

Quality Standards and Requirements

Tooling Development

Pillar coordinates the tooling development for clients who choose to pursue production. We work hand in hand with our supply network to design, develop, and build durable tooling that will produce high quality components.

First Article of Production

We support our clients through the First Article of Production approval process, insuring quality and accuracy. The FAP approval process is a back and forth conversation between the factory, the client, and Pillar that discusses imperfections and improvements that need to be made to tooling, parts, and assemblies before production begins.

Quality Control and Assurance

To insure the ongoing quality of parts, we provide our suppliers with quality control documents that outline the acceptable and unacceptable qualities of parts coming off the assembly line. During the product development process, we also audit our designs to help minimize any quality concerns we foresee and cater to our suppliers’ core capabilities.

Packaging Development

Pillar has supplied clients with compact, structural, and sustainable packaging solutions. We optimize our designs for each product’s needs and unique distribution system, including online and retail sales. Although we don’t design graphics in-house, we work with local designers to create artwork for packaging.

Assembly and Pack Out

Our network of suppliers is equipped to handle the assembly of complex goods, including electronic components, and pack out products for final shipping and delivery. Product manufacturing gets rolled together with packaging to output finalized, purchase-ready products, saving you time and energy.