At Pillar Product Design, we advocate for bringing ideas into the real world as soon as possible. Prototyping is a great way to evaluate the potential of your product idea without committing to production. We offer multiple types of prototypes, ranging from simple hand built mock-ups to fully functional assemblies that can be field tested and photographed.

General Prototyping Services

RTV Silicone Vacuum Casting

Custom Painting and Finishing

CNC Machining and Turning

Hand Built

3D Printing

Testing and Refinement

We create prototypes that can be used in preliminary testing to verify strength and functionality. Multiple rounds of iterative prototypes are often used to refine and optimize designs before committing too expensive production tooling.

Prototyping Constraints

Prototyping comes with a unique set of material and process constraints. Once we understand the functionality requirements of your product, we look at optimal material choices for both prototype and production development. We will do our best to closely match prototype parts with the characteristics of subsequent production parts, providing a close match to undergo testing and performance analysis.

In-House Assembly

Our prototypes are constructed from parts made by different suppliers that undergo assembly in our studio to insure proper fit and function. We use the initial build to understand manufacturing and assembly complexities that may have been overlooked during the design and engineering process, helping us better prepare for production.

Small Batch Pilot Production and Prototyping

Once the initial prototype is produced and approved, additional prototypes can increase the opportunity for testing and refinement among a larger group of users. When requested, Pillar has delivered small batches of prototypes to clients looking to gather more feedback. Additional prototypes can also be used in sales and marketing samples, to gain upper management approval, and to provide a tangible sample to help visualize the product idea.