iphone G3 solidworks native file

I as recently searching for complete Solid Works 3D models for the Apple products. I came across an amazing data base of parts that allows you to download for free. I obtained a full 3D model of the iPhone 3D. I know you can purchase it off of Turbo Squid for $70 to 125 bucks, but if you developing systems that need to fit all major apple or hand held devices the costs to have these surfaced models can be extensive. On average these models run anywhere from $45 to as high as $135 per model. I found a site that has many of these devices for free including full SW model history. These type of 3D models are so valuable in the product design process. Building an archive of these models is key to make sure that all part fit and function as expected. Recently Pillar Product Design created a (2) new cradles for DGA that needed to fit roughly 10 to 12 different major media devices out on the market. Everything from the Ipod, Nano, shuffle, Touch G3, G4, Droid, Palm and Google Android. It sure would be ideal if each of these companies provided the 3D files with no history, so end developers could be positive that the design is accurate. My guess is that when you pull models off of Turbo Squid that you can find 20+ G3 phones slightly different.

I found this amazing find at the following location: Super cool that folks are putting these models out on the web. As far as I could tell this model is very accurate and well built. Check it out for your self.