Managing pilot build for Animated Equity project

So the Pillar team is getting ready to build out a 10 unit pilot production run for Animated Equity. This product has a bunch of custom electronic components, metal fabrication and machined elements that are unique and very high-end parts. So when manufacturing, ordering or developing these parts, we want to make sure and guarantee that these will work and function as expected. The goal is to have this pilot build take place in the next 2 weeks. The Pillar team has worked dilligently from the ground up on the construction and development. Pillar is coordinating all the supply chain, outsourcing of vendors and manufactuer to make sure all the components meet quality specifications for the assembly build.

This is a great challenge that Pillar has under taken. We have reviewed many of the details to make sure each stage of this project is perfect before moving to the next step or phase of the project.