3Dio – Omni Binaural Microphone

The 3Dio Omni binaural microphone is specifically designed to provide professional binaural audio for Virtual Reality & 360ยบ camera applications. Binaural recording allows audio to be captured in the same way the human ear hears sound. This produces the most natural sounding audio that creates three-dimensional sound, transporting the user to the recording site.

Pillar assisted 3Dio in reverse engineering the complex 3D ear models for both the 2 and 4-position binaural microphone systems and helped develop the housing with methodically laid out user controls and inputs. In response to higher demand, Pillar also helped scale up their logistical supply chain located overseas and in the Portland area and find a quality silicone casting manufacturer that could handle the intricate ear shape.

Grab some headphones and check out some of the examples on their website for the full immersive experience!

3Dio: https://3diosound.com/