Lotus Revolutions Product Release by Pillar Product Design

Lotus Revolutions at AEE

Lotus Revolutions and Seattle WA based Pillar Product Design recently had the premier release of the new product Lotus Revolutions at AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) In Vegas this last week. This is a unique and discreet product for adult novelty Markets. This mature discreet high-end product is getting a lot of interest and momentum in the adult novelty markets. It is being recognized as a high-end item that is setting the look, feel and  quality of this market. The Pillar Product team and Lotus Revolution group spent a considerable amount of time and energy focusing on industrial design, ergonomics and including the user in the feedback loop. The unit design and mechanics stand out from many other products in this market mainly for the reliability user adjust ability and it’s unique motor and drive system that has forced feedback system which maintains a consistent rate and speed for the attachments. No matter how hard the end user applies forces to the attachments, this product maintains its course and supplies the necessary power for perfection. Pillar created 4 working sales and marketing sample prototypes for the AEE show. We gained and incredible amount of interest from personal interviews from G4 network as well as AVN. Production of this new product will be happening over the next 6 to 9 months. We are all excited about the production release of this product and it ability to compete with other products in this high-end line.