Old Navy Holiday Tree by Pillar Product Design

Pillar produces 10 foot high holiday tree for OLD NAVY / GAP

So Pillar recently picked up a client CDW Mechants, http://www.blogger.com/www.cdwmerchants.comSeattle who develops high-end point of purchase, window display and kiosk systems. Pillar Product Design https://www.pillardesign.net/ was asked to created 3D solid 10, 8 and 6 foot tree for OLD NAVY http://www.oldnavy.com/. These store displays are going into some 2,200 different stores on the west coast. So when your shopping this Christmas and you see a very large Holiday tree that looks like large puzzle pieces, this was the work of Pillar Product Design.

https://www.pillardesign.net/ These units were fairly challenging to build in 3D. OLD NAVY wanted the ability to have 3 sizes of trees, which each tree assembly included 6 different sections. Each section included 40 to 50 unique Christmas tree decorations They also wanted the ability change the configuration of each element and use the same tree skeleton, so they can switch it up and change the tree design year after year, but still use the same structure. This job came down the pipe line quickly and the whole project was fast tracked to meet the manufacturing / production hand-off. Pillar meet the challenge and cost parameters. I have enclosed a picture of the 10 foot tree sample. It is hard to think about Christmas when it 100 degree out.