Vintage Old School Snowboards SIA 2011

Vintage old school snowboards SIA 2011

So I was looking through some old digital pics and came across some skull candy booth pictures. Boards of the past. I used to own some of these boards and was blown away what some of these old sticks are worth. It was a blast I was checking out some of the Barfoot boards and who was hanging out was Chuck Barfoot. I had the chance to make turns with Chuck back in the late 80’s in Tahoe. He frequently hit Boreal and Donner Ski Pass. back in the day Chuck had a big ol Red beard that was like 2 feet long. Now he is a well aged man who has the same spirit he did 30 years ago. It was a blast that Skull Candy set-up this wonderful collection of snowboard history. I think I am going to pull out My PJ5 and mega-flex boots and make some turns this weekend.