vintage old school snowboards SIA 2011

So I was looking through some old digital pics and came across some skull candy booth pictures. Boards of the past. I used to own some of these boards and was blown away what some of these old sticks are worth. It was a blast I was checking out some of the Barfoot boards and who was hanging out was Chuck Barfoot. I had the chance to make turns with Chuck back in the late 80’s in Tahoe. He frequently hit Boreal and Donner Ski Pass. back in the day Chuck had a big ol Red beard that was like 2 feet long. Now he is a well aged man who has the same spirit he did 30 years ago. It was a blast that Skull Candy set-up this wonderful collection of snowboard history. I think I am going to pull out My PJ5 and mega-flex boots and make some turns this weekend.

Bugatti product design inspiration

At Pillar Product Design we do a fair amount of product and over-all random research in the early stages of the product development cycle. I am always looking for random examples of how designs marry materials, color, textures, shapes and forms together into a design and a product that is time-less. I basically geek out on this stuff and really love to see creative who can really push the edge of where form meets practical design and functionality. When I come across a design that is minimalistic but fuses multiple functions, materials to meet a given form and performance, It shows that the product that has gone thru the complete design process and has been modified over an over until you have only the essence.  This stripped down core is beautiful and well worth the resources, energy and effort.     

Ipad2 in the house

The Ipad2 is wonderful piece of electronics. I recently had sometime to play with one and the larger work area is really enjoyable especially for Internet surfing and picture viewing. Watching movies is pretty good as well. I had a difficult time typing, but maybe it is just me learning to type on a flat touch sensitive surface. I really like the glass they are using, it seems to be very durable and doesn’t scratch as easy as the previous model. Plus it is now at the somewhat affordable cost starting at or around $499. At Pillar Design I have been getting surge of folks wanting to create external devices around this new release. There seems to be a large interest in making this units more ergonomically friendly and easier to use and pack. It is really fun to work with folks that believe in continuous product improvements.