MTN Approach Product Featured in Outside Magazine

MTN Approach article in Outside Magazine

MTN Approach featured #1 innovative product in Outside magazine 2012 Radical Design Award. Stoked production product to hit the market soon. The bindings and straps on this system were developed by Pillar Product Design Seattle, WA

Ergonomically Designed and Developed Camera Strap by Black Rapid and Pillar Product Design

Moving very rapid with Black Rapid

Pillar Product Design has been working directly with Black Rapid for over a 3 months now to benchmark new designs and develop innovative and ergo friendly camera / strap component and accessories. Black Rapid only uses the best of the best with the design, materials and construction. They do a ton of field testing as well as lab testing before any product sees the light of day. The Pillar Product Design team is very excited to be working in conjunction with the Black Rapid team. 

Pillar Product Design Website Mockup

New Pillar Product Design web site on deck

The Pillar Product Design team has been working diligently with Horse Power Design developing our new web site. The site should be up and running in about 1 to 2 weeks. We have added a bunch of new projects as well as features for our clients to better interface with us. We also took a long look at making it easier to navigate and search the site for information. Every month we will be spotlight a client on our front page with a video feed. Here is a peek at our new face.

MTN Approach Product in Final Testing Phase

MTN approach final finishing touches

MTN Approach testing At Pillar Product Design we are so excited for Cory Smith to be growing MTN Approach line of product. In the true spirit of product innovation, Cory is learning and understanding the energy and persistence needed to effectively launch an innovative product to market. He has spent incredible time and resources testing and re-testing his product continually trying to increase the over-all quality, functionality and value of his product. A big cheers to his efforts on making this a spectacular and innovative product.

Pillar Product Design Team Adds Engineer

Growing the Pillar Product Design team!

Pillar Product Design is bringing on a new talented individual on the 20th of this month. He is a recent graduate from San Francisco School of Arts. His experience includes industrial design, concept development, 3D modelling and new product development. Dan has a strong background in audio, electronics and action sports. We are very excited that he will be joining our small team and his skill sets and experience will be a great addition to the services that Pillar Product Design offers. Dan will be working closely with Tyler on up and coming projects.

Vintage Old School Snowboards SIA 2011

Vintage old school snowboards SIA 2011

So I was looking through some old digital pics and came across some skull candy booth pictures. Boards of the past. I used to own some of these boards and was blown away what some of these old sticks are worth. It was a blast I was checking out some of the Barfoot boards and who was hanging out was Chuck Barfoot. I had the chance to make turns with Chuck back in the late 80’s in Tahoe. He frequently hit Boreal and Donner Ski Pass. back in the day Chuck had a big ol Red beard that was like

Bugatti product design inspiration

At Pillar Product Design we do a fair amount of product and over-all random research in the early stages of the product development cycle. I am always looking for random examples of how designs marry materials, color, textures, shapes and forms together into a design and a product that is time-less. I basically geek out on this stuff and really love to see creative who can really push the edge of where form meets practical design and functionality. When I come across a design that is minimalistic but fuses multiple functions, materials to meet a given form and performance, It shows that the product that has gone thru

Ipad2 in the house

The Ipad2 is wonderful piece of electronics. I recently had sometime to play with one and the larger work area is really enjoyable especially for Internet surfing and picture viewing. Watching movies is pretty good as well. I had a difficult time typing, but maybe it is just me learning to type on a flat touch sensitive surface. I really like the glass they are using, it seems to be very durable and doesn’t scratch as easy as the previous model. Plus it is now at the somewhat affordable cost starting at or around $499. At Pillar Design I have been getting surge of folks wanting to

DGA Zipbuds on the Ellen show

DGA Zipbuds marketing machine in action shown on the Ellen Show. Check it out!

Pillar Product Design working with HO Hyperlite team on new projects

Pillar Product Design is working with the HO Hyperlite team to develop some new products. Can’t tell you anything about what we are doing, but what ever it is, you know it is going to be fun. HO has lead the industry in innovation and performance for the wake and ski industry for years. High performance and innovative products is the core of HO and Pillar Design.  They have survived thru tough times and flourished in good economies. Pillar is excited about the opportunity of working with such a world class proven business.

Backcountry Product Developed and Engineered by Pillar Product Design

MTN Approach Ski

Pillar Product Design team in Seattle, WA recently had the opportunity to work with Cory Smith form BC Garage on a new back country ski product. This innovative product of folding skis and collapsible binding mechanism is truly and innovative concept to minimizing your mass and volume on your back county expeditions. Each ski folds up into 2 small packages that can easily be placed in a regular size back pack. Some of the innovative features include: folding tip and tail section on the skis, light weight, super strong adjustable low profile binding mechanism, innovative ankle strap placement so that strap pull out of the way when

Lotus Revolutions Product Release by Pillar Product Design

Lotus Revolutions at AEE

Lotus Revolutions and Seattle WA based Pillar Product Design recently had the premier release of the new product Lotus Revolutions at AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) In Vegas this last week. This is a unique and discreet product for adult novelty Markets. This mature discreet high-end product is getting a lot of interest and momentum in the adult novelty markets. It is being recognized as a high-end item that is setting the look, feel and  quality of this market. The Pillar Product team and Lotus Revolution group spent a considerable amount of time and energy focusing on industrial design, ergonomics and including the user in the

Pillar Product Design at CES 2011

Pillar Product Design at CES 2011

The Seattle, WA based design firm  Pillar Product Design has spent the last week at CES (consumer electronics show). CES is an amazing show that over 160K attendants over 4 days in the Las Vegas. The Pillar Team came across some interesting and innovative products and designs. Some of the highlights included the improvements to 3D TV and LED and LCD flat screen technology. This technology is getting more affordable better quality and less energy usage in most cases. The 3D TV without glasses was really fairly good. as compared to the prototype technology shown at last years show. The problem with 3D TV one is that the depth