Backcountry Product Developed and Engineered by Pillar Product Design

MTN Approach Ski

Pillar Product Design team in Seattle, WA recently had the opportunity to work with Cory Smith form BC Garage on a new back country ski product. This innovative product of folding skis and collapsible binding mechanism is truly and innovative concept to minimizing your mass and volume on your back county expeditions. Each ski folds up into 2 small packages that can easily be placed in a regular size back pack. Some of the innovative features include: folding tip and tail section on the skis, light weight, super strong adjustable low profile binding mechanism, innovative ankle strap placement so that strap pull out of the way when

Lotus Revolutions Product Release by Pillar Product Design

Lotus Revolutions at AEE

Lotus Revolutions and Seattle WA based Pillar Product Design recently had the premier release of the new product Lotus Revolutions at AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) In Vegas this last week. This is a unique and discreet product for adult novelty Markets. This mature discreet high-end product is getting a lot of interest and momentum in the adult novelty markets. It is being recognized as a high-end item that is setting the look, feel and  quality of this market. The Pillar Product team and Lotus Revolution group spent a considerable amount of time and energy focusing on industrial design, ergonomics and including the user in the

Pillar Product Design at CES 2011

Pillar Product Design at CES 2011

The Seattle, WA based design firm  Pillar Product Design has spent the last week at CES (consumer electronics show). CES is an amazing show that over 160K attendants over 4 days in the Las Vegas. The Pillar Team came across some interesting and innovative products and designs. Some of the highlights included the improvements to 3D TV and LED and LCD flat screen technology. This technology is getting more affordable better quality and less energy usage in most cases. The 3D TV without glasses was really fairly good. as compared to the prototype technology shown at last years show. The problem with 3D TV one is that the depth