Managing pilot build for Animated Equity project

So the Pillar team is getting ready to build out a 10 unit pilot production run for Animated Equity. This product has a bunch of custom electronic components, metal fabrication and machined elements that are unique and very high-end parts. So when manufacturing, ordering or developing these parts, we want to make sure and guarantee that these will work and function as expected. The goal is to have this pilot build take place in the next 2 weeks. The Pillar team has worked dilligently from the ground up on the construction and development. Pillar is coordinating all the supply chain,

New exciting project with Animated Equity

It has been some time since my last my blog. I have been very busy working with a really amazing client on an exceptional product that will be an asset to everyone who spends to much time in front of the computer. I am working with Animated Equity on a high-end electronic device that will improve your my life and yours. I am under NDA, so that is all I can tell you about the details at this point in time, Once we get closer to product launch, I will be able to show the

On Snow Prototype Being Tested by Pillar Product Design Team

On-snow prototype being tested

Pillar Product Design just finished a series of on-snow prototypes for Flow Sports. They are testing these samples in Europe over the next couple of weeks and the goal is to discover what is the best system for their snow binding system. Pillar Spent nearly 3 weeks building out samples and testing multiple concepts. It has been very rewarding working with the Flow Team. The energy, creativity and excitment of proof of concepts has been a blast. Providing cost effective, high quality prototype samples is just one of the many services that Pillar Product Design supports for it’s clients. We

Outdoor Product Flow Bindings by Pillar Product Design

Working with Flow Snowboards

Pillar Product Design is now working with Flow Snowboards on future binding development. We are working directly with there project management and engineering teams to come up with new and progressive designs and concepts that will improve the current form, fit and functionality of there current system. Pillar is very excited to have Flow Snowboards as a client and we look forward to developing some amazing new products that will tip the wintersports industry on it’s side.