Lotus Revolution concept, design, prototypes to production

Pillar Product Design has been working with Lotus Revolution on a new high-end discreet product that is a thing of both beauty and complexity. We are in the early stages of producing the first off prototypes to qualify the design. The goal is to get buy-off on the product then we can look at producing a pilot production run for marketing and sales samples. The amount of engineering resources and prep has been incredible so we can insure a smooth transition into production.

Thus far we have had an amazing and talented team working on this project. From world class industrial design and concept development to 3D CAD engineering and advanced surfacing. We contracted and hired a part time electrical engineer to develop for us a compact efficient electronics with complex PCB board design. The result is a world class product that will be hitting the market in the next 3 to 5 months. Lotus Revolution selected the Pillar Product Design studio for this project due to our experience and expertise bringing multi- tiered complex product such as this to market. There has been a considerable amount of sweat equity,effort and thought put into this new product. Both Pillar Product Design and Lotus Revolution will be excited to promote and release this product to market. At Pillar we are a team both with clients and the contracted expertise that we bring in-house. Sorry we can’t show or talk about the details of the product just yet, but stay tuned.