Pillar Design is honored to be collaborating with such an inspirational person, Brian Bartlett. As an above the knee amputee, Brian has shown incredible tenacity in life and has brought remarkable innovations to the world of prosthetics. His ideas have truly made a social impact, and allow amputees to maintain an active lifestyle.

Click the following link to check out a video of Brian using his BTK system: Leftside Industries

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Leftside Industries

Intelligent LIDS

Pillar Design has teamed up with Intelligent LIDS to bring you a solution for your food storage needs. “Intelligent LIDS provide practical, stylish, environmentally thoughtful food storage for use at home or on the go.” These lids are not only food-safe and made with recyclable materials, but they fit onto your existing mason jars. Coming in two styles, Storage Lids and Drink Lids, Intelligent LIDS create an airtight, non-leaking storage for liquids or dry goods. Find this product now at a number of retailers including Whole Foods. Click here to go to their site to find a full list of locations and product information.

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