The V-Plate Product

Vintage Snowboard Plate

The Vintage Snowboard Plate is here! The V-Plate allows you to mount new bindings to most old boards–so don’t get rid of your vintage boards, get a V-Plate. It’s not too late to order, just go to V-Plate’s Facebook page for more info. Visit HECKLER MAGAZINE to read the latest article about the V-Plate!

Vintage Snowboard Plate

V Plate

Snowboarding has finally aged to the point where vintage snowboards are popular collectibles. With great innovation from Dave Billinghurst, former marketing and team manager for K2 snowboarding in the 90’s, and Pillar’s Bob Carrasca, former K2 binding engineer and product manager, collectibles are no longer for collecting dust. Together they have created the Vintage Snowboard Plate (V Plate), a machined plastic part with carefully and dynamically placed holes in patterns that will match up perfectly with most vintage snowboards, allowing you to mount nearly any current binding to a vintage board. Visit TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING for an article about the V Plate!

Gizmodo reviews The Clean Cup

See what Gizmodo has to say about our client’s beer pong ball washer: The Clean Cup! And don’t forget to help support The Clean Cup on Kickstarter! Click the image below to go to Gizmodo

Gizmodo's The Clean Cup for Beer Pong Balls

The Clean Cup

“Everyone loves beer pong, but No One Likes A Set Of Dirty Balls.” Pillar helped develop The Clean Cup–the world’s first portable and automatic beer pong ball washer. Help support our client on Kickstarter! Check out their Kickstarter!


Pillar worked with Karl Moore to develop the BevTender–the first ever dual use airplane cup holder that can be used on either the seat pocket or tray table. This product is ideal for traveling on planes and secures various beverage containers to free up your hands. Help us support Karl and his product by funding him on Kickstarter! Click the image below to go to Kickstarter!

Pillar Design Collaborates with Brian Bartlett to Design and Develop Prosthetic Devices

Ski system for knee amputee

Pillar Design is honored to be collaborating with such an inspirational person, Brian Bartlett. As an above the knee amputee, Brian has shown incredible tenacity in life and has brought remarkable innovations to the world of prosthetics. His ideas have truly made a social impact, and allow amputees to maintain an active lifestyle. Click the following link to check out a video of Brian using his BTK system: Leftside Industries Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @PillarSeattle to get updates on the projects we are developing with Brian!

Mason Jar Lids Designed, Prototyped, Developed by Pillar Design and Intelligent Lids

Intelligent LIDS

Pillar Design has teamed up with Intelligent LIDS to bring you a solution for your food storage needs. “Intelligent LIDS provide practical, stylish, environmentally thoughtful food storage for use at home or on the go.” These lids are not only food-safe and made with recyclable materials, but they fit onto your existing mason jars. Coming in two styles, Storage Lids and Drink Lids, Intelligent LIDS create an airtight, non-leaking storage for liquids or dry goods. Find this product now at a number of retailers including Whole Foods. Click here to go to their

K2 Freeride Ski Pole Grip Designed by Pillar Design

K2 Freeride Ski Pole

The Pillar Design team has been working diligently with K2 Ski for sometime now and they just released the freeride ski grip that we assisted in developing with them. This complex 3D model has some mind blowing surface modeling. It is a 3 piece over-molded grip with some very intense texture treatments and complex ergonomic surfaces. We built a few different versions of this model using SolidWorks 2013. The asymmetrical shaping on this product was a definite challenge, but the product turned out very good and close to our initial concepts.