Rescue Equipment Pack Designed by Pillar Design

Brock Rescue Pack

Pillar designed and engineered the Brock Rescue Pack, an adjustable regulator and backpack combo. The unique design enhances and expedites both fire fighters and search and rescue efforts by allowing users to carry a mobile air source for utilizing pneumatic tools. The Pillar team engineered this hybrid backpack construction which consists of an exo-rigid substructure with a stylish and user friendly ergonomic modern pack design. Be sure to check out Brock Rescue Equipment LLC to learn more about their urban rescue gear.

Stryka's Binocular and Rile Scope Designed and Developed by Pillar Design

Safe Climb

Pillar is proud to present the Safe Climb, a rebar safety climbing device. Our design focuses on durability, ease of use, and above all user safety and reliability. As a team, we outlined a detailed storyboard to define the challenges of this climbing device, some of which included loading scenarios, shear forces, FEA analysis, wear of parts, and user assembly. The entire product was developed methodically, meeting safety requirements, optimizing the design for part and cost reduction, while maintaining the client’s design goals. Stay tuned for more action sport gear from Pillar!

Styrka’s New Product Line

Pillar has been working closely with Stykra to develop a new line of binocular and rifle scopes in both budget and premium categories. Over the past year, we have brought initial sketches through the design process to production-ready CAD. In a product review on Facebook, a customer  wrote “Amazing optics!!!… Nice to see a company take such pride in their product. I sell these in the shop I work at and have NEVER heard a complaint!”. It’s very exciting to see the new line of optics being used in the field and receiving

Pillar & LSI Win Design Award

The Bartlett Tendon Knee (BTK) won Notable Honor for Core77 Best Consumer Product of 2016! This entry level prosthetic knee for above the knee (AK) amputees has a focus on outdoor activity and action sports. Pillar was proud to partner with LeftSide Industries getting amputees around the world back on the slopes, trails, and in the water. Visit this page to vote for us and show your support!