JP Enterprises

Seattle based new development business JP Enterprises has asked Pillar Product Design to develop a unique ergonomically friendly and practical blue tooth system that will offer the end user a compact, comfortable light weight sleek and stylish alternative. Blue Tooth Technology is growing at rapid pace in the communication industry.  Processing chips are becoming smaller and more efficient with power usage. The un-comfortable, heavy , poor sound quality will soon be a thing of the past. The Pillar Product team is focused and working diligently to re-invent this amazing interface in wireless communication. We are excited that JP enterprises has asked us to work on this venture.

Photon Manufacturing Home of Laser Fantasy

Pillar Product Design has been working with Bothell based Electronics guru Alex Hay who owns Photon Manufacturing. His modest shop and lab is one of the premier high-end laser builders in North America. Pillar Product Design has had the amazing opportunity to work with Alex on the Lotus Revolution project with required his expertise in chip programming design and construction. His amazing team truly brought to the table the necessary expertise to miniaturize the chip design and optimize the functionality and performance of the product. Together with compact efficient electronics and world class design and ID we have an amazing prototype and future product.

Chuggington trains project back from the rapid prototype house

The complex 3D models that Pillar Product Design recently created for a local client just came back from the rapid prototype house. The client was very excited at the results and attention to detail as well as the results of Pillar’s 3D CAD and advanced surfacing work. These samples will now go to Disney Licensing for review and final buy-off. We built these complex models straight from the Disney / Pixar Style guide. The client requested the scale and we built the project from this information.Fun stuff for sure.

Lotus Revolution concept, design, prototypes to production

Pillar Product Design has been working with Lotus Revolution on a new high-end discreet product that is a thing of both beauty and complexity. We are in the early stages of producing the first off prototypes to qualify the design. The goal is to get buy-off on the product then we can look at producing a pilot production run for marketing and sales samples. The amount of engineering resources and prep has been incredible so we can insure a smooth transition into production. Thus far we have had an amazing and talented team working on this project. From world class industrial design and concept development to 3D CAD engineering and


This is the most brilliant and hilarious presentation that I have seen in a while. Lots of wonderful industrial design and illustration works by Mark Selander. I had the opportunity to hang out with mark at Flying Fish for dinner one night and he is an amazing and creative individual. His concept art, design and illustration work is super detailed and very engaging. So who’s on board for the commutapult? This look way more fun than boring a tunnel thru downtown.