Glass Expanse on CashPad!

The Pillar Product Design team worked with Glass Expanse to develop this amazing moving panel door system. This a clip of Jordan and Jojo of CNCBC show CashPad! showing the system in action in one of container homes that they just completed. Check it out!

Ceres Breast Milk Chiller Product in Use

Ceres Chill Indiegogo Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the Ceres Chill Breast Milk Chiller on Indiegogo today! It has been a pleasure working with Lisa to help design and engineer an innovative product that prioritizes nursing mothers in a beautiful and elegant way. Check out the campaign to learn more and contribute. We can't wait to see this product make it to market in the upcoming months! Visit the campaign: Visit the website:

Frequently Used Product Development Acronyms

The product development process is filled with acronyms that can be confusing for both new and returning clients. We've compiled a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms to help you navigate the process. Job Identification  EE (electrical engineering)  ID (industrial design)ME (mechanical engineering)PE (project engineering)PM (project / program management) Design / Process / Marketing  CAD (computer aided design / drafting)CAE ( computer aided engineering) CAM ( computer aided manufacturing) DFA (design for assembly)DFAA (design for automated assembly)DOE (design of experiments)DVT (design verification test)EVT (engineering validation test)GD&T (Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing)IP (intellectual property)JV (joint venture)MVP (minimum viable product)PD (product development)POC (proof of

Digital Human Models for Ergonomic Product Design Process

Ergonomic Optimization

Human factors and ergonomics focus on the body's relation to products, environments and processes to improve efficiency and comfort for the user. Human Scale is a collection of data that outlines the dimensions of the body and its movement in relation to space. At Pillar, we use this information to determine head sizes while designing helmets and goggles, grip diameters for hand tools, as well as locations for control panels so that users of all abilities and sizes have equal access. We use digital human models in our Solidworks CAD models to help validate dimensions before products are brought into