Cube X Duo

Pillar Product Design is proud to announce that we are now bringing on FDM prototyping services in-house for both clients and on going projects. The Cube X Duo is (2) head FDM machine that has very large 10.8″ by 10.45″ by 9.5″ build envelope.  This machine also has the capability to run (2) materials and (2) colors. ABS plus and PLA in a variety of colors. This tool will assist us in speeding up the development process and helping our client’s bring products to market quicker. Also we will use this tool to shorten the transition from industrial design / concept development to 3D Solid

Black Rapid’s Lensbling on the scene

The Pillar Product Design team just finished designing a complete set of lens covers for both Nikon and Canon for Black Rapid latest release the Lensbling brand. This set of caps and covers handles all the major sizes and models of camera lens for both Nikon and Canon. 3D modeling in Solid Works 2013 and scaling these caps accordingly was a challenge since Black rapid wanted this to be (3) color tri injection molded shot. The Pillar Design team work with Black Rapid’s  in-house tooling manufacturer team to make sure we ended up with the right quality of part that would meet the desired material cost of