Working with Cascade Design

Pillar has recently teamed up with the Cascade Design team developing new components for their MSR and Platypus line. Cascade Design is the leader of products for the outdoor enthusiast. Their product have a long standing for quality, reliability and innovativation. Centered in Sodo Seattle, WA their contribution to developing innovative out door products for hiker, climbers, campers and mountianeers is second to no one.

Working with Cascade Design Platy / MSR line

Pillar Recently started working with Cascade Design team on some new components on their MSR and Platypus Line. They rely on Pillar to assist them on the ID developement, engineering and project management needed to get next generation sales and marketing samples for their new line of gear. Cascade Design products are time tested and lead the market with their innovative approach to branding superior products for the outdoor enthusiast.