Developing New Bicycle Components

Pillar Product Design has a long history working on road bike and mountain bike components. The team has worked with amazing bike companies like Girvin, Noleen and K2 Bikes.

We are currently are working on a new design for components used on commuter and travel bikes for a local outfit. It is exciting to be back working and developing bike components. If we are riding or designing bikes components, It truly is a passion for the Pillar team.

Some of the main challenges we face with the current project in the product development cycle an ability to create a system that works with standard established components in the bike industry. The bike market used to be extremely specialized and some of that still holds true to date. But the fact is as it relates to bike components there are specific dimensions that hold true and affect 95% of the bike products on the market. The more universal you can make the components the easier is it will be accepted at retail. Specific and custom system often are lost at market UN-less there is a massive benefit to jump ship and switch to a completely unique stand alone system.