Sustainable Amazon Packaging Developed by Pillar Design

Amazon – Less Packaging, More Smiles

This year, Amazon rolled out a series of new packaging that helped reduce the environmental impact of their boxes and mailers. Pillar worked with Amazon’s sustainability group to develop a fun set of instructions that would both highlight their innovative improvements and encourage customers to re-imagine their Amazon boxes into new creations like a cat condo or mini golf windmill.  Read more about it on Amazon’s blog:

Magnetic Anchor Drink System Product in Use

Anchor Drink System

Coming soon! No matter where your adventures take you, the Anchor Drink System is ready! Anchor’s magnetic coasters stick to just about everything, so you can park your drink without worrying about spills. It’s been a pleasure working with the Anchor team to develop this product and we can’t wait for it to launch! Keep up to date on their Facebook page here:

Mackie CRX Series Review and Designed by Pillar Product Design

Pillar worked closely with Mackie to develop this new and innovative CR-X series that includes both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth options and a base woofer. This system was developed to provide professional quality gear at a consumer level cost. Listen to the review here:

CR-X Mackie Home Studio Designed by Pillar Design

Mackie CR-X Series

We are excited to share the CR-X Series of Mackie products that we worked with LOUD Audio to design. Their new line offers studio quality sound and updated aesthetics that feature a sleek metal face plate and bold outline. We can't wait to get our hands on a set of these! Check out their website for more info: