Spotlight Hollow Handles bio-degradable utensil project

The Pillar Product Design has teamed up with some very innovative clients with creative products this summer. We are working directly with a local client on developing a new and improved disposable bio-degradable cutlery meal kit utensils system. There are so many important factors when developing and improving an existing product such as this. It is like trying to reinvent the close pin. Everyday products that have with stood the test of time have evolved for a reason. That said it always to good to take a fresh approach to designs that have withstood the test of time, especially when new materials, technology and process are continuing to evolve and change.  Price points and material and resource usage being the biggest driver as well the avenue of distribution and the ability to sell as individual and or as a meal kit. The ergonomics versus form, strength, durability and function has some very interesting challenges. The product development of a well thought out meal kit system has been a highly focused process. We at Pillar use a concept mapping technique to filter down the essence of an idea or concept. tons of post a notes with attached brain storming ideas to a wall is truly a magical process. We use hot pink for what we think the really hot ideas are and blue for the warm ideas. But it is good to see all ideas in a some what organized fashion in one location. It allows us to navigate the complex waters of product development and design definition.