Sustainability information molded into a new product

Three Common Misconceptions about Sustainability

As the world pushes to be more environmentally friendly, our clients often ask about sustainability, recyclability, and recycled materials during the product development process. Here are three common misconceptions about recycling and a couple ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your product and its packaging.   Plastic Can Be Recycled as Many Times as Possible Plastic can only be recycled about 2-3 times before it starts to degrade and lose its properties. While some recycling is better than none, materials like glass and aluminum can be infinitely recycled and can offer a better End-of-Life for your product.   Everyone Can Recycle The Same

Sustainable Amazon Packaging Developed by Pillar Design

Amazon – Less Packaging, More Smiles

This year, Amazon rolled out a series of new packaging that helped reduce the environmental impact of their boxes and mailers. Pillar worked with Amazon’s sustainability group to develop a fun set of instructions that would both highlight their innovative improvements and encourage customers to re-imagine their Amazon boxes into new creations like a cat condo or mini golf windmill.  Read more about it on Amazon’s blog: