Photography Rig Prototyped and Ergonomically Engineered by Pillar Product Design

Rhino Rig Gear

The Pillar Design team in Seattle WA. team up with Rhino Gear to develop the world class new Rhino Rig. This system is absolutely amazing, we had a chance to rapid prototype and CNC machined a sample to check the ergonomics, balance, functionality and weight. This project was about 4 months in development, but as you can see we have something to all be very proud of. This versatile rig system will allow professional photographers to fully dial in their rig for their specific shot or film with smooth balance and high accuracy. This complex 3D assembly is a combination of tool-less adjustment and ergonomic comfort. The revolutionary adjustable multi-pod shoulder rest provides amazing support combined with ergonomic comfort. The Pillar team enjoyed working on this project with the Rhino team and feedback from film and camera shows have been super positive. The Rhino Rig check it out.