Zipbuds tangle Free Earbuds by Pillar Product Design

World Release of Zipbuds Tangle Free Audio Earbuds System

Pillar Product Design worked directly with DGA to develop the Zipbuds product. We started with an idea and a napkin sketch idea and took it from there. We spent almost 4  to 6 months developing this idea and another 6 months product testing and working out the production bugs. This amount of sweat equity and effort is worth it once you see the final finished product. We are excited to see how this new product will be received by the audio market. DGA has done an excellent job on viral marketing in the high-end audio markets. They have excellent distribution and have spent wisely in the over-all development of this product. It has been and honor to work with this small team to develop this amazing product. Check out the video of this product it is both brilliant and hilarious.

Check out the video of the product on vimeo: Zipbuds