Magnetic Leash Product Design Sketch

Idea to Product Transformations

Whether it be a napkin sketch, functional prototype, or an existing, finished product that just needs a revamp, our clients come to us at all stages of the product development process. Check out some of the projects that Pillar has helped take from idea to refined product.

Ignition USA – SEARAT

The Seattle Rapid Access Tool, or SEARAT, is a firefighting invention designed to expedite the entry into commercial buildings. Combining elements from multiple existing tools, the initial product idea for the SEARAT looked to merge functions into a single, easy to carry tool. Pillar has collaborated with Ignition USA throughout the entire product development process, starting with the industrial design of the product and continuing through pilot production and manufacturing assistance.

Seattle Rapid Access Tool Intial Prototype
Firefighter Building Access Tool with Shove Knife and Key Blade
First Responder Building Access Tool with Gas Shutoff and Window Breaker and Key Blade

Mui Pet – Magnetic Leash

The innovative Mui Pet Leash was brought to us as a sketch, showing the two part, magnetic construction that make up the latch and dangle. Pillar helped to refine the mechanism while creating a modern, geometric look through the industrial design of the parts and managed the prototype development which included a variety of 3D printed samples to verify the size as well as samples from our overseas supply chain.

Mui Dog Leash Magnetic Latch Invention Sketch
Mui Dog Leash with Magnetic Dangle Attachment
Mui Dog Leash Opens to Clip to Magnetic Dangle

Mackie – CR8S-XBT Subwoofer

Looking to build off of their existing line of CR-3 Studio Monitors, Mackie tasked Pillar with creating a new series of audio equipment, the CR-X Series, that would better fit in a modern home environment. Exploration of the form, materials and finishes resulted in a more understated design that still features the signature pop of green.

Mackie Audio Subwoofer Initial Idea to Concept Sketch
Mackie CR8S-XBT Audio Subwoofer Industrial Design Concept
Mackie Audio Subwoofer and Speakers Industrial Design Concept