Woman assembles electronic product during production in overseas factory

5 Factors that Influence Your Production Costs

Cost can be the make or break factor for any product development project, especially once you make it to production. When determining costs, there are two prices to consider. The retail price is the amount that your product will cost for the customer. The material cost of goods (MCOG) is the amount that your product will cost to make. While there are a variety of factors that will determine both costs, we’ll break down five of the most common ones to keep in mind.   Target User – Your retail cost of goods should always be influenced by your target user as

View of ONRAX Overhead Storage Solutions Optimized For Faster Installation

ONRAX- Overhead Storage Solutions

ONRAX overhead storage solutions are designed to increase garage storage capacity by utilizing overhead space. Their unique systems are available in both stationary and motorized options and are perfect for getting organized in 2021. Pillar has been working with ONRAX over the past couple of months to help optimize their overhead systems for faster installation and streamlined manufacturing and ship-ability. Stay tuned for more innovative solutions from ONRAX.

Pillar Design Product Development Meeting in Production Facility

Pillar Travels Overseas

Well, it's that time of year again; time to visit our overseas supply chain. Pillar Product Design has a wide network of prototype and production factories overseas that help fabricate products for our clients. Located in the Shenzen, Dongguan, and Gunagzhou areas, this network has assisted us for many years producing prototype parts and manufacturing successful products for our clients. During our recent trip we worked with our overseas product manager, Karl, to visit our current partners and source new manufacturing facilities with expanded capabilities. Our current network includes metal fabrication, laser cutting, hydroforming, plastic injection molding, CNC cutting of

Frequently Used Product Development Acronyms

The product development process is filled with acronyms that can be confusing for both new and returning clients. We've compiled a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms to help you navigate the process. Job Identification  EE (electrical engineering)  ID (industrial design)ME (mechanical engineering)PE (project engineering)PM (project / program management) Design / Process / Marketing  CAD (computer aided design / drafting)CAE ( computer aided engineering) CAM ( computer aided manufacturing) DFA (design for assembly)DFAA (design for automated assembly)DOE (design of experiments)DVT (design verification test)EVT (engineering validation test)GD&T (Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing)IP (intellectual property)JV (joint venture)MVP (minimum viable product)PD (product development)POC (proof of